Saturday, February 18, 2012


Welcome Friends!

Rainbow Baby: A baby that is conceive after the loss of a baby.  Much like the rainbow that comes after a storm.
I know the bitter sweetness that has brought you here.  The loss of a sweet baby(ies) and the journey of expecting a your rainbow baby. 

When Willy and I first began to discuss trying to conceive again, I panicked.  I wondered if I could really take the chance again.  I wondered if we could survive another loss.  I desperately wanted someone to share it all with.  To know that everything I was already feeling was normal for this babyloss momma.  I searched for a support site for moms who are experiencing a subsequent pregnancy, or have had their rainbows, but found very little. 

And so this site has been born.  I want it to be a safe haven for everyone who visits.  A place where moms can read, share, and relate to each other.  My goal is to have 5 or so regular authors with a few guest authors here and there.  If you are ever interested in sharing here, please feel free to email us.

Over the coming days and weeks, we'll add more posts, more helpful links, and more information.  If you know of any sites or organizations we should add, please let us know.  We really want this space to be helpful and an open community of support.    At the end of each post, we welcome your comments.  We hope you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts on the topics we write about.

Welcome to Among The Circle.  We are so sorry for your loss and are happy to be sharing your rainbow journey with you.


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Hillary said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! I recently delivered my rainbow baby safe and sound (thank you God). I really wish that I would have had this resource months ago. To say that I was a worried nut-job during my pregnancy would be the understatement of the year! :)

Such a wonderful thing you have started here!